About the Author

Joan Ross is an award winning primary teacher, was Teacher of the Year, and received newspaper praise for the elaborate plays presented by her kindergarten and first grade classes. Each animal in SEARCHING FOR NANNY JO was named for an animal who belonged to Joan or her cousin, Nannette Pierce, thus the name Nanny (from Nannette) and Jo (short for Joan).

Joan currently resides in San Diego, California, and is engaged to “Geoff, the love of her life.” She still has Gina, who is 15 years old. Angie, 14; Lacy, 8; and Opie, 3, are still with Nannette. The other beloved angel doggies–Rosy, Dutchy, Annabelle, Cletus, Aussie and Reno are playing together in heaven and are waiting for Nanny Jo.