About the Book

A fun, read-along CD comes with each book. The CD begins with several versions of a happy, bouncy children’s song called, “We Will Find Nanny Jo”. The song is performed by the first and second grade students of the acclaimed San Diego Children’s Choir, who sing with beautiful voices and unparalleled enthusiasm. This is followed by the voice of the author as she reads the entire story aloud. There are exciting sound effects which add to the fun and excitement of the reading.


Nanny Jo raised her lovable Doberman, Rosy, from the time she was a pup. Rosy was brought up with love and affection and shared such fun times with Nanny Jo.

When Nanny Jo wakes up late one day and forgets to close the gate, Rosy chases her car until it disappears. Discovering she is lost, Rosy begins her journey to find Nanny Jo. On the way, Rosy meets a series of delightful dogs and a cat, all of whom are homeless. Having a kind heart and confidence in her master, Rosy invites every new friend to join the group, assuring them that when they find Nanny Jo, she will love and give all of them a new home. Using their skills and imagination to overcome some obstacles along the way, the friends refuse to give up. It is a moving story that shows how love, friendship and determination can triumph.